Sunday, December 25, 2005

How many people does it take to get Crab Ciopino from the pot it's cooked in to a serving bowl?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Fuzzy n Atticus

Christinie, Derek and Jeff waiting for Christmas dinner...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Our Lady Speaks to Josyp Terelya about 3rd Saturday Fasting
This fast to take place every third Saturday of the month, beginning in December 2005.

TORONTO - Free Republic - December 12, 2005 - Josyp Terelya, a Catholic activist who spent much of his life behind bars in the Soviet Union because of his faith and evangelism, also experienced many extraordinary events—allegedly supernatural events—there.

He has since spoken at the white house and had audiences with Pope John Paul II on 36 occasions.

His mystic experiences gained him audiences with the Pope, and he was released from the Soviet Union with the help of President Ronald Reagan, the Queen of Holland, and the President of France.

On August 29, 2005 at 2:30 am, Our Blessed Mother spoke to him at his home in Toronto, Canada and gave him a very special message. While in deep prayer and fasting, and after praying the Sorrowful mysteries of the Holy Rosary, Mother Mary made herself known to him.

"As Our Lady began to speak to me," Terelya said, "I could feel great sorrow and despair. This was her message."

Mother Mary's August 29, 2005 Message to Josyp Terelya.

"Peace be with you, My child! I have come to bring another warning to My children. The warnings given before and many times, have gone unheeded by most souls. Have the natural disasters and illnesses that have come upon mankind not been enough for all to open their eyes as well as their souls? No, for the warnings are not taken seriously!

"However, many will experience the terrible fate that awaits many. In North America (USA and Canada especially) there will occur many earthquakes, hurricanes and sicknesses. In your beloved Toronto, there will be a sudden outbreak of virus that will cause great sickness and death, especially among the elderly and the very young. Soon panic and fear will grip the hearts of My poor children.

"Many will turn back to God, as they have in past times when tribulation had occurred, but many only for a short time. In the USA, even more disasters will take place. Great outbreak of sickness will overtake many areas. Like in Canada, extreme amounts of snow and rain will fall causing great flooding and destruction.

"Still many souls will not turn to God the Father in prayer and repentance. Do you not realize by now that through fasting, prayer, repentance and unity with one another, these tribulations can be avoided? How much longer can My Holy Son, Jesus, stay the hands of God, the Holy and Righteous Judge?

"Even through this trying time, precious children, safety, health and peace can be truly yours! Remember that mercy abounds from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, our Redeemer! Come to Our two hearts, and peace will be yours, even in the face of tribulations and sorrows.

"God, our Holy Father, desires all things good for His children. He sent the ultimate example through His Son, Jesus! Has He not blessed mankind over and over? Many are like unruly children who don't get their way. Please, please turn your hearts back to Jesus, the Merciful Lord, and great blessings and graces shall be poured without end upon you and your loved ones! Call upon Me as your Mother to intercede for you and I will place you at the holy feet of Jesus. Go to the Holy Mass much more often. Go there in great humility before God, and He will bless you.
"For all who will, a one day fast for peace and unity among mankind will turn Satan away from your door. This fast will take place every third Saturday of the month, beginning in December 2005. The Sorrowful mysteries along with the chaplet of divine mercy are to be prayed with great conviction. Seven Candles are to be lit upon an altar, four red and three whites (white in the center of the altar).

The four represent the Holy Blood and the three whites represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Great will be the grace and blessing that you will receive! On this day, I will make Myself known to all who heed this request. On this day of prayer and fasting many hearts will be healed, many physical healings will take place, and I will walk among you and bless you. You are very special to Me, even to the depths of My Immaculate Heart. I am not far from you, My precious ones, only as far as you pushed Me!! However, I am only a truly sincere prayer away from you! All who heed this message shall be blessed. Be at peace! Amen."

Our Lady of Grace
Rats. Well, the dreadies had to come out yesterday. I caught a cold. It was one of those colds that came with excessive skin sensitivity. You know the kind. Where even the bed sheets hurt. I ended up in a hot bath at midnight. My head covered in conditioner trying to loosen them up. In the end I used Neroli oil. It took 2 hours to comb them out. I'm sad. I miss them already. My scalp is still bruised though. Couldn't even wear a pony tail today...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. A big day for we Militia Immaculata folk. I went to mass at 6:30. Fr. Mark gave lead to some excellent devotions after mass. Such a lovely DAY!!

Love is in the hair!!

I love my locs. Thank you Knotty Boy! It's funny that doing something to make my hair less maintenance would inspire so much happiness. Vanity is a big time NO NO in the Bible. But is being happy with my simple "do" a vanity? It's no-fuss, wash-n-go. I'm so FREE! After almost a month I had to drag out the wax and tuck in new growth and strays that had popped out. I also had to "latch" down the new growth. Tighten up my little twists. But this is easy. I can do one or two while watching the tube.

Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The health nut reviews a current health craze. Mangosteen juice.

What is a mangosteen? It's a tangerine size fruit that grows primarily in Thailand. It promotes all round good health. It's reaching a frenzied level of popularity.

Sadly though, we American's don't take the time to read labels. Not all products are created equal. You've GOT to read the fine print. What's in it? How much of each nutrient?

I was at Molly Stone's last night picking up some groceries. There were two bottles of Mango-Xan brand mangosteen juice on the shelf in the vitamin section. I bought one.

$30.95 for 24 ounces.

I read the label on the bus ride home. It's reconstituted mangosteen. Which means it's got only 5 to 10 percent of the nutrients of the whole fruit. Happily though, it did contain a blend of the rind. A number of these mangosteen juices are only fruit and not rind. The rind has a great many nutrients in it. It touts itself as giving you 100% of your vitamin C intake but the C is added in the form of asorbic acid. No biggie. That's how you're getting the C in your orange juice these days as well...

It contains a variety of reconstituted juices including pear, cherry, cranberry, pineapple, star fruit and blue berry - along with the mangosteen.

"Vemma" brand contains fructose - sugar. So the Vemma brand is essentially the junk food of mangosteen juices. Avoid any juice with sucrose, fructose, dextrose, glucose or any other kind of sugar added. Juice is sweet enough without added sugar. You've already lost the good fiber found in eating a whole fruit. So avoid additional JUNK. Vemma brand also contains green tea extract and aloe vera juice. Tons of folks swear by aloe juice but it can cause horrible bloating and dribbly doo doo...

Vemma is a 32 oz bottle for $30, but requires you to also buy the back up juice at $30. So you're spending $60 a month. I'm not paying $30 for a bottle of Kiwi/Strawberry juice when I can buy it at the market for half the cost and know that it's been flash pasteurized so it retains more goodies!

Xan-Go is made of a puree of the whole fruit rather than a reconstitution. Meaning it would have more nutrients. However, I find no list of ingredients on the site so I can't determine what's been added. Major bad in my book.

$32 for a 25 ounce bottle.

Thai Go brand touts itself as being higher in all the nutrient qualities of the mangosteen, and lists all the other fruit included in the beverage but doesn't give a list of ingredients or say how it is processed - it doesn't state that it's made from the whole fruit. The comparison page shows FRUIT but states Xango brand uses reconstituted fruit - whereas Xango's website states whole fruit.

So far though, the Thai Go gets my vote because it's whole fruit rather than reconstituted and contains several different kinds of grapes and grape skins. All sorts of good stuff in grapes. Buckthorn and blue berries too.

$35 for a 25 ounce bottle. Currently on sale at 2 for 50.

There are a few other brands. But those listed here are the most popular. I think all of these are part of pyramid marketing schemes.

In short - the juice I had last night was not very sweet. Not very flavorful. You have one ounce a day. Mango-Xan recommends one to three ounces. I sipped my ounce while I ate my suishi dinner last night. An hour later I needed another shot. I mean, I was fiending for the stuff. Clearly there was something in it that my body really liked and wanted.

I slept like a log and didn't have allergy issues this morning. Regardless of the biting cold this morning I didn't have the join pains I did yesterday when I walked into the office. Is it the mangosteen? I don't know. We'll see. If I have some over all good results I think I'll order a bottle of Thai Go in January.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Excellent Article!!!