Monday, January 23, 2006

My exciting evening out with the boys!

Fr. Paulinus, Fr. Dave and Fr. Francis.

It was a fun night. Teaching the young teens. One of the boys asked if it was a sin for priests to get drunk. No more so than for you or I. There is a big difference though between having too many cocktails during a night out to dinner and making a habit of being drunk. For anyone, being a drunkard is not good.

Why don't folks every speak to kids with honesty?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Last night my friend Diane made her profession to the Secular Franciscan Order. Here she is making her vow with the minister of our fraternity and our formation director.

I can't wait!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On to all things nutritious - and - well - not quite spiritual...

I've been regularly using Nature's Plus "Source of Life" vitamins for some time. Recently I was at Whole Foods and picked up VegLife "Vegan One Multiple." VegLife is produced by Nutraceutical.

  • VegLife - Vegan Vitamins

  • They have much less in them than the Sourse of Life vitamins but my body seems to be making far better use of them. My skin is more clear. My hair and nails are growing in leaps and bounds.

    I was so pleased, I went back and got their iron supplement.

    While there I discovered Juvo. Juvo is fairly new. It's marketed as a raw food meal. While freeze drying and dehydrating does preserve a lot of the nutrients that cooking destroys, I'm not sure you can honestly call a powdered additive "raw food." I took home a sample packet. The directions say to mix with either water or juice. I mixed it with water. Since it's largely grain based, it tasted like Cheerios.

    The stuff is just packed with nutrients so I immediately got a little lift. Not the kind of lift that you get from sugar or caffeine that is followed by a let down. But a lift that held. So I went back and invested. Juvo is NOT cheap. But one shouldn't expect to skimp out on one's health. No matter how well we think we are eating, we've depleted the earth's resources so our food is lacking.

    I mixed my Juvo in mango juice. I had to add water. Since the powder is mostly grains it tends to stick to the sides of my blender. Mango juice is thick and absorbs less. The water helped. Juice has a lot of sugar in it anyway so it's always good to cut your juice with water.


  • Juvo
  • Monday, January 16, 2006

    Ask yourself why is curing cancer illegal in the United States. Ever hear of someone who knows someone who was diagnosed with this cancer or that and in two weeks were dead? You think to yourself - wow. Fast cancer... It wasn't the cancer that killed them. It was the chemo.

    Did you know that if your child is diagnosed with cancer and you opt OUT of chemo, the goverment will sue you, take your child away and dose them without your approval? Yup.

    The raw food community is in an uproar about a raw food family who was split apart. Parents in jail. Kids bounced from one foster home to another until an aunt came forward to take them in. These vegan raw foodists had a baby born with a birth defect. The child's life expectancy was about two weeks. Instead, the child lived 5 months. After the baby passed away the parents were investigated for child abuse.


    Their three other children were considered "too thin" by the US average. Hello??? Am I the only one reading headlines that state the average US child is grossly over weight?

    So these healthy, happy kids are ripped from their parents and shoved into foster homes where they land in the emergency room over and over again because their little bodies aren't used to processing all the junk that is in the average American meal. Mac N Cheese, Spaghetti-O s and the like.

    CBS 48 Hours did a profile on the raw food detox program. Regardless of the shining results everyone had - some doctor comes on and says (insert nasal whine) 'Well ya know... losing weight that fast is bad for you...' Here are people eating healthy and he's got to talk smack. Why dont' any doctors ever warn those people popping handfulls of pills to lose weight?

    Color me disgusted.

    Thursday, January 12, 2006

    Another lovely morning commute!

    Friday, January 06, 2006

    My lovely morning commute!