Sunday, October 29, 2006

Winchester Mystery House, October 28th Flashlight tour.

One of 13 "spider web" windows in the only room that had a shower.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm sure you've all seen that e-mail pass-around that comes regularly. The one about the grease gathered up in barrels from restaraunts that ends up in your pet food. We'd all like to pretend it isn't true. But the other day I was waiting for my morning bus when Salinas Tallow came by to pick up the barrels of disguarded grease from the Taxi's on my corner.

Do you really want to know why your dog has "hot spots" and other horrible allergies? He was not designed to digest french fry grease.

Each year factory farms produce 3 million tons of tallow and grease, 2 million tons of bone and 300,000 tons of feathers. It's considered trash. But we pet owners pay a small fortune for it in "top quality" pet foods.

In my links section, you'll find a link to "Feline Future." It's a company that produces a supplement to add to raw meat for cats. They have a dog supplement too. Check it out.

I can tell you from experience that using Feline Future in raw meat is far more healthy for pets than store bought kibble. I am coming up on the one year anniversary of losing one of my best friends.

Murphy Patrick O'Brian

Color me biased, but Murp was one of the best cats this world has ever seen. I rescued him from the local pound. So painfully thin with this enormous head. I almost named him Pumkinhead for his resemblance to the horror film monster. But he lucked out and got adopted on St. Paddy's Day. He was with me for the next 12 years. He was around 16 years old when he left me for greener pastures.

Just about two months after the sudden death of his "big" little brother Yoshi...

Murp-o got very sick. It was determined that he had kidney failure. The vet recommended, due to his blood toxicity, that he be immediately put down. Murp was not having any of that. He was his standard trouble-making self, albeit sulky and a lot thinner than normal.

I asked the vet for two weeks. I discovered Feline Future and put Moo on the raw meat diet. His first trip back for a blood panel saw an immediate reduction in his blood toxicity. By the next test he was almost back to normal.

So it works. Don't settle for junk pet foods. I don't mean Friskys either. Iams, Nutro. That expensive stuff you pay for? Junk. Loaded in toxins and things your pet can't digest. Give them the good stuff. They deserve it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another lovely day, courtesy of the Most High.