Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ember Wednesday

Today is an Ember Wednesday. The word ember is a corruption of Tempora - the proper term being Quatuor Tempora - which means 4 times. They are seasonal celebrations to do penance and give thanks to God for the bounty heaped upon us by His grace. As the beginning of Summer heads our way, the Ember Days of Pentecost are celebrated.

So, I find myself in the middle of two birthday celebrations at my office on a day I should be fasting and doing penance.

How does one handle that?

The Gospel of Matthew - Chapter 6 tells us that when one does things for others to see, one has received his reward. God sees the actions of our hearts and accepts them accordingly.

So I don’t make a fuss. I don’t call any attention to myself or my actions. I accept my cake. Poke it with my fork a bit and say I’m saving it for later, when I have a good cup of coffee to go with it.