Sunday, March 26, 2006

I worked my first "Christian vegan activist" function yesterday. Thanks to prayers of support from many friends I was able to make it through the day with a strong backbone. That strenght gave out at about 5am this morning. I had a dream about a woman abusing her cats and my move to intervene. Then I woke up and spent the next half hour in prayer for the many animals in misery right at that moment. I've spent a good deal of today crying.

I think the most difficult part of yesterday was the number of people who told me "Christians just don't care." Several folks told me they were atheists and asked for my help in getting through to their uncaring Christian families. I was given the great grace to resist telling these folks that two of the speakers that day, like myself, were active Catholics. Activist Catholics no less. God bless them.

Sadly, though, there is apathy among all Christian denominations. Rather than focus on that, I was able to offer much help in ways to speak. Even encouraging these folks to go out and get bibles, read the words of the prophets, and use it on their families. In Genesis, we begin as vegetarians. The prophets tell us that when God's Kingdom does come, we will again be vegetarian. Why not start now and show Him we are ready for that perfect world?

I logged on just now to search for more Christian vegetarian resources. I was shocked to find that my blog comes up as the second link if you search Yahoo for Vegan Franciscan. Oy vey - that's a responsibility I'm hoping my friends will continue to pray I have the strenth to carry!

I need some fresh air and a walk right now. God bless you all.

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