Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I am a modest dresser. When I wear skirts they're usually long. I'm pretty well covered.

Our culture sells sex. So all the clothing folks wear these days is tight and revealing. Yet, so many people, both men and women, compliment me on my clothing. Long clothing is slimming. Cropped pants paired with a 3/4 length sleeve top isn't pretty. It just makes you look like you can't work a dryer properly and shrunk your clothes. If you're short they make you look shorter. If you're a size 10 trying to cram into a size 8, just realize you'll look like a sausage. It's not flattering. We wonder why the teen pregnancy rate is so high while we let our kids walk the streets looking like prostitutes. Spaghetti strap tanks in winter. Jeans so tight you can tell if the quarter in their back pocket is heads or tails. Might as well just put them in a sandwhich board that says "molest me."

In hot weather. My friends stand there turning into lobsters in their tanks and shorts. Fanning themselves and panting. Here I am in my long sleeves, long skirts and hats. Cool as a cucumber. How do you do it? they ask. Look at the desert dwellers. They all go out fully covered. Their clothing is a portable tent, keeping them cool. Folks look at me as if I've just announced I'm the antichrist, then totally ignore what I have to say. Even though the proof is standing right infront of them.

I recently discovered Shukr, a website for Islamic clothing. I had visited a blog not long ago, by a recent Christian writer on modesty in dress. Shukr was among her links page. Months later I placed my first order. I caught the most wonderful sale. Most of what I bought was one third it's original price. I bought enough stuff to get free shipping and a free hijab (head covering). What does a Christian woman need with a hijab? Our Islamic sisters aren't the only ones covering their heads. We Catholic women should still be wearing chapel veils. But due to a slip of the tongue by a bishop at the end of Vatican II and an overzealous media bliz, most Catholic women chucked their veils.

Back to Shukr. I bought 4 skirts. They fit wonderfully! Good sturdy construction which is essential for me since I don't drive and am either walking, biking or taking public transportation. Shipping was fast (and free due to the amount I spent). Communication by the seller was excellent. Highly recommend them to anyone!

I've added them to my links section as well as a link to one of my favorite websites about the chapel veil.

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Kristin said...

Of course I just read this right *after* I placed my order to Shukr (I'm not Muslim, either, I'm an Orthodox Christian)...anyway, glad to hear of your good experience with them, and I'm looking forward to my new skirts, too. (I took advantage of the mix-match sale and bought 3, got one free!)